Few industries have more complex and diverse requirements for video surveillance technology than banks and financial institutions. From corporate buildings, to branch offices, data centres, ATMs and cash depots. Several European banks benefit from using Mirasys Video Management Software which provides high privacy protection and robust technology. Easy integration with 3rd party security, remote control and access across multiple sites and all the latest features to help you retrieve, view, store and send your video in different formats. 

Open - integrate with the latest technology

Mirasys is a truly open platform upon which the most sophisticated surveillance solution can be developed. Integration with 3rd party systems means Mirasys can be used to monitor more than just video; direct feeds can be received from transactional systems, access control, fire detection and intruder alarms. Mirasys has built in support and data management for cameras of up to 20 megapixels in resolution ensuring data can be captured and investigated in graphic detail. Integration with leading video analytics manufacturers allows sophisticated solutions to be designed that provide proactive, intelligent alerts such as dwell times, cross line detection and facial recognition. Learn more

Protect your data and stop incidents 

Mirasys System Monitor checks the system performance in real time and helps to prevent system failure.  Enhanced multi-disk recording minimises data loss and maximises recording continuity. Unique, non-fragmenting file system protects against hard disk failure. Perimeter and motion detection monitors sensitive and restricted areas, such us bank vaults or safety deposit boxes and alerts personnel only if an important event occurs, saving time and operational costs. People counting and reporting enables reduction of business inefficiencies and enhances customer service. Advanced alarm management tools enable the creation of specific alarm lists based on the motion, sound or text data triggers; reducing the number of false alarms. Dwell time and stopping detects people loitering at the ATM. ANPR alerts on potential threats and suspicious vehicle movement plus reports on car park usage. Learn more

Guarantee the authenticity of recorded data and secure user rights

Watermarking guarantees the integrity and authenticity of recorded data for court evidence. User authentication and setting specific user rights ensures control of system access and protects sensitive data.

Centrally manage your security in one system 

With software installed at headquarters, banks can centrally manage all the surveillance devices of their branches and get access to security status instantly. Multi-streaming means it is possible to send footage from bank branches to other locations in different resolutions, frame rates and compressions; saving bandwidth needs.  Multi-casting enables a single stream to be sent to multiple workstations simultaneously which can significantly reduce bandwidth requirements.