Mirasys VMS software is a popular choice with Casinos. Centrally manage and control thousands of cameras and retrieve, review and manage a number of separate video images in real time. Stop incidents before they occur and gain valuable operation insight so you can analyse dwell time and people counting with built in Video Anlaytics and ANPR+. Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party security such as access control and alarm systems. Download brochure

Reliable and robust technology. Supports over 2,000 camera manufacturers

Mirasys VMS software can scale up to 6,400 cameras and 100 recorders. Mirasys supports over 2,000 camera models from all leading manufacturers and integrates with access control, intruder detection, people counting, car park management, panic alarms, audio monitoring and video analytics. iPhone, iPad and Android mobile access means you can reduce costs, save time and always be in control of your security even across multiple sites. Learn more

Open integration – so you choose your security now and in the future

With Mirasys you can be assured that you are not tied to any manufacturer and that you can change and expand your technology in the future – so as your demands change, your system can too. You can integrate with thousands of IP and analogue cameras, access control, fire alarms, POS and third party monitoring. Learn more