Mirasys solutions help colleges, schools and universities to stay safe. Detecting assault, vandalism and providing a deterrent against students from leaving without permission and unwanted visitors gaining entry. Students and staff are protected and data can only be accessed by authorised users. Each project is different in scope and scale but education has essential requirements which benefit from using Mirasys Video Management Software with the latest features to provide intelligent building management and high privacy protection. Download brochure

Complete control of your data 

With Mirasys VMS you can view and control thousands of cameras through our easy to use Windows based platform. You can even manage a range of integration applications like acess control and intruder detection. Add plug in options such as Agile Virtual Matrix to create a customised video wall. Using your existing IT network gives you complete control of your data so that you can set different authorised user viewing rights. Search recorded and live video, add privacy masks; export and send evidence to the police with a few simple clicks. Alarm events settings allows you to decide what events or activities you want to track which reduces storage needs. Watchdog software and multi-disk non-fragmenting recording protect against hard disk failure and assure system reliability. Free remote access gives you total control day or night, during the weekends and holidays via iPad, iPhone, Android and Web Browsers. Learn more

Identify threats now and in the future

The Mirasys Enterprise VMS software comes with playback and powerful search tools to identify incidents quickly and efficiently. PTZ control, camera tour and auto-object tracking tools help you to watch suspicious individuals closely – to get a fast response. Mirasys Enterprise VMS comes with a number of plug-in features so you can create intelligent building management. If you want access to real time high detailed analysis, just plug in and add Mirasys Video Content Analytics for people counting, object detection, perimeter protection, intruder detection, dwell time and tampering.  ANPR+ provides traffic monitoring and car park management. Learn more

Stay open – flexible and easy to integrate

The Mirasys system is highly flexible – no need to replace your existing analogue systems just add encoders to upgrade to IP. For new projects, you can be assured that you are not tied to any manufacturer and that you can change and expand your technology in the future – so as your demands change, your system can too. Highly scalable, you can expand your system easily just by inputting a new system license key. Thousands of IP and analogue cameras can be integrated into our VMS as well as access control, fire alarms, POS and third party monitoring. Learn more

Success stories

Mirasys Enterprise gave The Campion School peace of mind. Read more