Facilities, Buildings, Areas

Mirasys Video Management Solutions is used to secure a number of facilities, wide areas and perimeters; preventing vandalism and accidents like fires occurring. Mirasys integrates seamlessly with a wide range of security devices such as access control, video analytics and ANPR so that you can customise access to different areas and you can spot incidents when they arise such as object detection or people dwelling in restricted areas. 

Create a scalable and flexible system

With Mirasys VMS software you can control and view thousands of cameras across multiple sites with Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix. Add or remove cameras and recorders, set users’ rights, manage live and recorded video and export evidence with a few simple clicks. Monitor multiple sites day or night with our free remote monitoring via iPad, iPhone, Android and major web browsers. Create intelligent building management and ensure flexibility now and in the future with Mirasys Video Content Analytics; features include: object detection, perimeter protection, intruder detection, dwell time and tampering. ANPR+ provides traffic monitoring and car park management. Learn more

Open Integration – so you choose your security now and in the future  

The Mirasys system is highly flexible – no need to replace your existing analogue systems; just add encoders to upgrade to IP. For new projects, you can be assured that you are not tied to any manufacturer and that you can change and expand your technology in the future; so as your demands change, your system can too. You can integrate with thousands of IP and analogue cameras, access control, fire alarms, POS and third party monitoring. Learn more

Resilient and high performance hardware

Our hardware is custom made to fit your needs. For a number of sectors, high data volume management and massive storage capacity is essential. Enhanced multi-disk recording and failover option assure high reliability, protect your data and keep your system up and running in case of hard drive failure. Learn more