Mirasys Spotter for Windows

Monitor your security system just how you want it


Mirasys Spotter is a powerful client application for viewing live videos and exporting playback video. Mirasys Spotter can be used to create multi-screen solutions with multiple independently operating device tabs and windows. Spotter supports camera tours, alarms, audio, and I/O feeds, text channels or archives as well as layouts for storing and accessing desired configurations.

Easy to use for operational efficiency

The intuitive and easy to use interface means that only minimal training and supervision is required. VHS style buttons make it easier to find footage by time and activity.


Mirasys Spotter Flexible camera management

Mirasys Spotter interface shows a hierarchical list of the devices. Users are able to activate devices with a click of the mouse or through keyboard shortcuts. Users also have the option to drag and drop devices onto the work area. 
Using the custom camera grids tool, users can monitor the most critical areas to stop incidents and threats before they happen, without missing the scene from other cameras. 360 degree camera dewarping plug-in helps to monitor an event in detail, while reducing the costs for your overall security.


Don’t miss any details auto tracking

PTZ control, camera tour and auto-object tracking tools help you to watch suspicious individuals or disorders closely - to get a fast response. Video wall option allows you to get instant access to live or recorded video from thousands of cameras and monitors.


Decide what you want to record 

Three different recording modes can be scheduled; daily, weekly or monthly on selected cameras, based on the usage of the building. You can optimise storage as only relevant data is recorded, which makes it easier to search and retrieve what you need.  Advanced Motion Detection and alarm event setting let you decide what you want to track; reducing operational costs and the number of false alarms.

Improve detection and response time

Powerful search and export tools identify incidents quickly and efficiently. Users can export an incident in a number of formats and at various frame rates. This can be actioned simultaneously from a number of cameras. Users can add bookmarks to specific footage to make any review of court evidence easier.
Profile Maps plugin can react to an alarm by switching the view to show the map view where a trigger for the alarm has come from. This makes it easier to visualise the alarm on the map which can help gain a faster response.

Storyboard, court evidence, VMSEasy evidence management

With Mirasys Storyboard tool, it is possible to create and export one single video containing different clips from multiple cameras to view and understand instantly and accurately the event sequence. Reduce your bandwidth needs as you only need to send one video which contains all the relevant clips. The Storyboard can be viewed off-line with the standalone Spotter Player. 

Protect your data

Set user authorisation and specific user rights to control and protect your security system. Applications can be configured to require dual passwords (two persons need to be present to type in separate passwords). For each user is also possible to set specific roles for Spotter use so for example you can set up different rights to access the system such as screen management, device control, video stream control and Spotter plug-in use.


Free remote access

With Spotter Mobile you can control your CCTV across multiple sites, anywhere, anytime via iPad, iPhone and Android. Web Client applications enable viewing of real-time and recorded video from any camera in the surveillance system using major web browsers. 

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