Want to create intelligent building management? Just plug in and analyse

Mirasys Video Content Analytics enhances your overall security by analysing surveillance video in real time and improving incident response. You can just plug in and analyse - from sophisticated motion detection to intelligent scene analysis. 

Built-in VCA for cost-effective and advanced protection

iLids approved Mirasys VCA offers built-in packages for both analogue and IP cameras. A complete suite of video analytics can be added to any camera which can include: dwell time, enter/exit, stopping and direction, speed filtering, perimeter detection and versatile counting to monitor buildings usage. Results can be visualised through the Mirasys Spotter interface or analysed through Mirasys Reporting to evaluate and improve your security system performance.

Open – so you can integrate with multiple systems and applications

Based on our fully open approach to technology and partnership, designed to provide users with a best solution approach, when a project needs or wants 3rd party video analytics, Mirasys can integrate solutions from  leading companies such as Agent Vi, Axis, Bosch, IntelliVision, NEC Facial Recognition, Viasys, as well as many others. 

Detect. Alert. Respond.

Video analysis results can be provide to the user through the standard Mirasys Spotter client application or through the sophisticated and hugely scalable Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix.  Event triggers can automatically send alarms to third party monitoring services to systems such as Immix from SureView Systems or Sentinel from Monitor Computer Systems.

Easy configuration and data searching

Analytics meta-data is captured through XML-configurable network interfaces, harmonised and checked against the alarm rules. Finally the data is stored into an open database for later search and retrieval. 
The platform employs a graphical configuration tool for camera calibration and generating the zones, lines and rules for VCA events.

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