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“The new Mirasys system has proved of sufficient quality and reliability to identify individuals in the crowd, pinpoint their location and help us act with confidence to warn or remove offenders depending on the severity of the incident," Cliff Edens, Ground Safety Officer of Burnley Football Club.

Mirasys has been developing its recording products since 1997. We specialise in Video Management Software, so you will have a highly functional reliable system which is easy to use and monitors unlimited number of cameras. Mirasys supports thousands of camera models and gives you the flexibility now and in the future to integrate with 3rd party security devices and hardware. Go beyond your safety and security needs with intelligent features and plug in options.


The powerful platform created with you in mind 

Can monitoring thousands of cameras in one place really be easy? Our customers think so. Windows based, intuitive and easy to use, with Mirasys VMS you get the full picture of all your security in one place. Along with IP and analogue cameras, Mirasys VMS supports third party devices, recorders, audio, and text data in one centrally managed environment. A scalable solution to suit the needs of applications of any size.

Mirasys VMS can be extended with intelligent Video Content Analytics (VCA), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), video wall, and other options.

Due to its open architecture, Mirasys VMS allows easy integration with other systems such as access control, fire alarms, network management, enterprise resource planning and point of sales.

Manage live and recorded footage with Mirasys Spotter, the intuitive user interface with comprehensive features to run your security system smoothly, such as camera tour, 360 degree camera dewarping, evidence management tools, alarm management tools and user customisable layouts.

Remote access via iPad, iPhoneAndroid with Mirasys Spotter Mobile and the major web browsers through the Mirasys Web Client. 

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