Mirasys Retail Solution offers you a versatile and scalable platform, to protect your customers, staff, buildings and car parks. This comprehensive system can prevent theft, attacks, break-ins and highlight human errors, suspicious point-of-sale transactions, counterfeiting, credit card fraud and employee misconduct. Video Analytics and ANPR captures object and intruder detection, people counting, dwell time, flow analysis and number plate recognition. Learn more

Quick configuration. User friendly and easy to search. Multi disk recording

With its quick configuration and easy data searching, powerful VMS user friendly interface and enhanced multi-disk recording; incidents and images can be located quickly and staff training time is minimal. Learn more

Reliable and robust technology. Supports over 2,000 camera manufacturers

Mirasys Retail Solution can scale up to 6,400 cameras and 100 recorders. Mirasys supports over 2,000 camera models from all leading manufacturers and integrates with access control, intruder detection, people counting, car park management, panic alarms, audio monitoring and video analytics. Learn more
iPhone, iPad and Android mobile access means you can reduce costs, save time and always be in control of your security even across multiple sites.

Success stories

Fully integrated IP surveillance solution for retail toy giant Smyths Toys Superstores. Read more 

Daniel department store, holder of a Royal Warrant from her Majesty The Queen, upgrades to top class Mirasys IP Suveillance Solutions. Read more