Training services offer comprehensive training for the technical experts of Mirasys software. Our popular trainings, which have received plenty of positive feedback, are organised in the Mirasys Training Center in Helsinki, Finland, or in the customer's own premises at an agreed time.

Technical training module Mirasys Video Management System Configuration and Usage is available as an online training. To complete the full training module will take about 3-4 hours. After the training the technical expert knows how to

  • Install a Mirasys VMS Server
  • Add new cameras
  • Create an optimal configuration regarding hard disk space and bitrate
  • Define detailed user rights for Mirasys VMS
  • Set alarms triggered by motion or audio
  • Use the Spotter User Interface (basic functions, search and export tools, layouts, alarm tools)

Mirasys Video Management System Configuration and Usage module needs to be completed before attending the other technical training modules. Got interested in to accomplish the online training? Please contact:

Mirasys VMS Demo SoftwareVideo Tutorials

- How to install Mirasys DVMS

- Mirasys Spotter Client Interface - Introduction

- Spotter Player

- Mixed playback mode in Spotter

- Audio in Mirasys Spotter    

- Autocrop Image

- E-mail Authentication       

- Highlight selected camera 

- Thrucast

- Motion search Spotter plugin

- Joystick usage in Spotter                                 

- Failover Support

- Add logos to exported videos 

- 360 degree de-warping

- Spotter Profile Maps 

- Archive support

- Privacy masks       

 - User roles

- Bookmarks in Spotter

- Mirasys Storyboard

- Mirasys v7.5 new features and improvements

Alarm features: 
- Alarm list 
- Alarm pop-up tab
- Alarm search
- Alarm view tab
- Alarm filtering

AVM - Agile Virtual Matrix: 
- AVM - Installation and configuration part I            
- AVM - Installation and configuration part II            
- AVM settings 
- AVM basic usage
- AVM - advanced features
- AVM - Camera tours                                                     

VCA - Video Content Analytics:
- VCA licence assignment
- VCA visualisation 
- Activity Map          



- Mirasys VMS v7.5
- Mirasys Spotter User Interface improvements
- Mirasys VMS v7.2 and VCA
- Mirasys ANPR+
- Mirasys VMS 7 and Agile Virtual Matrix
- Mirasys 3rd party systems integration


White papers

- Mirasys VCA and Reporting

Web articles

- The most important consideration when putting together an HD recording solution

- How to become an ANPR expert