Mirasys Video Management Solutions are being utilised in a number of transport projects which include Ports, Motorways, Airports and Trains. Each project needs a highly adaptive solution with unlimited scalability and high reliability. With Mirasys you can control thousands of cameras and choose from over 2,000 camera models so you are not tied to a manufacturer; update your technology as requirements or regulations change. Mirasys integrates seamlessly with third party security solutions and video analytics for object detection and to stop accidents from occurring. Mirasys intelligent software includes a video wall option for control rooms and a number of features to improve storage and help you record, retrieve and send evidence with a few clicks. Download brochure

Reliable software and robust hardware – your data is always protected

Mirasys VMS can proactively inform you of any system malfunctions. Your data is always protected even if the worst happens. Mirasys can provide a total recording solution by providing software and hardware together. Robust technology, multiple disk recording with high data volume management and massive storage capacity. Learn more

Powerful features that give you so much more than CCTV

Mirasys VMS includes a number of intelligent features. Playback and powerful search tools identify incidents quickly and efficiently. The intuitive export function means that you send high quality images which can be used for evidence. Three different recording modes can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly. Advanced motion detection and alarm event settings let you decide what you want to track; reducing operational costs and the number of false alarms.  Get instant access to live and recorded video from any cameras and monitors with video wall options.

Just plug in and analyse

Dwell time, stopping and direction analytics detect people loitering or gaining unauthorised access. This can also be used for fast moving vehicles and to identify breakdowns. Counting add-on helps you to monitor building usage and make effective decisions in terms of staffing or utilities' efficiency. ANPR+ reports on car park usage and alerts on potential threats. 

Open Integration – so you choose your security now and in the future  

The Mirasys system is highly flexible – no need to replace your existing analogue systems; just add encoders to upgrade to IP. For new projects, you can be assured that you are not tied to any manufacturer and that you can change and expand your technology in the future; so as your demands change, your system can too. You can integrate with thousands of IP and analogue cameras, access control, fire alarms, POS and third party monitoring.

Success stories

One of the world's biggest railway networks updated its security system - Indian railway project. Read more